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  1. Anonymous wrote...

    Hello, do you think you can add a feature where you can change the font size(And style) of the headers and footers? I have the title but the text is too big for my page, it kind of stands out, thank you for the awesome template, very professional.

    The blog title is currently fully controllable in the customize settings, and there are two options: one for big screens and one for little screens. Since the theme is responsive, it switches between the two based on breakpoints and media queries. The defaults are in ems, but you’re welcome to change both the values and the units to whatever you’d like. Just don’t put a space between the value and unit, and off you go.

    Is this what you are looking for, anonymous?

  2. The Pragmatist turned 1 today!

    The Pragmatist turned 1 today!

  3. Feature Requests? Now’s the time.

    Hey, since I’m going to have a couple of weeks off work, I’m going to take a few hours or days to make updates to the Pragmatist theme. I have a short list of things I want to do to it, but am entertaining requests too. Here’s my list:

    • Allow finer-grained positioning control over background images
    • Give novice users menu of available fonts (typekit support will still exist for more advanced users)
    • Allow users to choose squared, rounded-corner, or circle avatar crops
    • Allow optional placement of blog description in the header instead of in the sidebar (maybe)

    Okay so that’s my list. If there’s something you’d like to see on there, let me know here.

  4. lunadelcorvo wrote...

    I really like this theme, and appreciate the clean approach! This may be there and Im just not seeing it (long time blogger & web-head, new to Tumblr), but is there a way to tile the page background image vertically, but not horizontally? Thanks a million!

    Hi, and thanks!

    I don’t have support for vertical or horizontal vs. bi-directional background image tiling built into the theme right now. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that I could add it, though, as long as I can make it easy to understand for my users within the constraints of Tumblr’s “customize” screen controls. Let me chew on it, and if I can work that out relatively quickly/easily, I’ll update it and post back here when I do.

  5. Announcing Typekit support and other stuff

    Just submitted an update to Tumblr. Here are the highlights:

    1. I removed the full-width photos feature because it was causing more problems than it was solving for basically everyone who was using it. From now on, The Pragmatist will, by default and without the ability to override, honor the source dimensions of all photos you post.
    2. You can now add header images separate from the body background image. They work the same way as body background images (they are background images in the CSS, if you know what I mean). You can control whether or not the image tiles, and you can control whether it’s locked or scrolls with the page. Enjoy.
    3. The Pragmatist now supports Typekit. It’s really easy. You just provide your Typekit ID and use the Custom CSS field (in Customize > Advanced) to override the default theme styles. You have to know a tiny bit about what you’re doing to use this, but anyone who knows how to use Typekit will have no trouble figuring this one out. NB: If you don’t know how to use Typekit or write CSS, I do not recommend using this feature. Trying won’t break the theme, but it will cause you frustration.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the changes to become available in your theme sometime in the next couple of days RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE IT’S ALREADY LIVE and, as always, let me know if you see any Gremlins. And one more thing. Thanks again for using this sucker.

  6. Fix uploaded

    Awaiting Tumblr push.

    They’ve been great about pushing updates when I let them know it’s urgent, so fingers crossed that this one goes through soon.

    Update: this fix is live. Issue closed.

  7. An update and a bug

    The current version of The Pragmatist introduces a bug whereby, well, various things are just off. The only additions to this version were options to control the footer styling. It was a minor update, and I tested before releasing and there weren’t issues. In fact, right now, if you install the code manually, there’s no issue. It’s only the auto-updating version that exhibits the bug.

    Due to severe scheduling constraints, I’m not going to be able to get to this until Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest. I don’t want to ask Tumblr to roll back to the previous version, because then I’ll never find the bug. And I want to find the bug. So please sit tight for a couple of days and I’ll troubleshoot and fix this by week’s end.

  8. Even More Social
11 new social services added. Update submitted. Changes should appear be available now in your Customize panes automatically, soon. So soon.
So, so soon.

    Even More Social

    11 new social services added. Update submitted. Changes should appear be available now in your Customize panes automatically, soon. So soon.

    So, so soon.

  9. Hello and how about an update

    On Friday, I submitted an update (1.14) that fixes the most annoying aspect of The Pragmatist, as far as I’m concerned.

    It used to be that, if you saved a piece to Instapaper, Instapaper saved it using your blog name as the title. If you were to save this post, for instance, it would appear like so in your Instagram list:

    The Pragmatist

    And that’s just ridiculous. It drove me nuts when I’d save something someone using my theme had written, then I’d come back later to read it and my Instapaper list was full of blog titles instead of article titles. SO.

    As of whenever Tumblr approves the update, Instapaper will save the article title and the blog name instead of just the blog name. Instead of what nonsense above, it will soon be this:

    Hello and how about an update — The Pragmatist


  10. Anonymous wrote...

    Hi, I saw your theme. Very great theme indeed. If you can include "twitter" or "facebook" buttons so that people can easily share post, then it's gonna be super duper great !


    I’ve so far avoided adding share buttons to posts, because they impact performance negatively and pretty much everyone knows how to share shit on the internet… BUT! I also added support for fartscroll.js and a hide/show by post-type option - both of which slow things down - so maybe I’m a hypocrite for continuing to think of share buttons as performance problems.


    Okay I’ll think about it.